TO REMEMBER in the days of Coronavirus

TO REMEMBER in the days of Coronavirus:

1. Commit to using the current crisis as fuel for the development of psychological strength and virtue. Imprint the words "Amor Fati" ("love of fate") into your awareness and repeat them to yourself often. Why? Because the situation is upon us irrespective of whether we begrudge or lament it. Become a great man or woman. Allow adversity to fortify and propel you to a higher echelon of thinking and acting in the world.

2. Many unexpected outcomes will arise from this crisis. And they won't all be bad. Good things are happening right now. People are being kind and selfless right now. Let the mind widen a little. “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” - Marcus Aurelius

3. Physical distancing yes. Social disconnection no. Use telephone and online communication to express compassion, care and support.

4. If worry and overwhelm set it, place the content of your thoughts into one of two categories: "This is up to me" vs. "This is not up to me". Actively think about what is and isn't under your control (don't be vague - spell it out to yourself). You are only responsible for the things under your control. Be disciplined with this practice and it will bear fruit.

Take care, Tim