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"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them"
Marcus Aurelius


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It's wonderful that you have arrived here. Perhaps yourself or a loved one are going through a difficult time. Maybe things have felt like a struggle for a while. Remember that you are not alone. No one has a perfect life with everything worked out (even if their social media profile might seem to suggest otherwise). Sometimes, unexpected life events knock us down. That's not your fault. It's a part of being human.

You are courageous and strong for reaching a place where the desire for greater peace and freedom is outweighing fear of the unknown. Please give yourself credit. Plenty of people never reach that stage. It can feel easier not to make a change that is good.

Effective & Compassionate Care

Our practice was founded with a simple aim in mind — to provide high quality, evidence-based psychotherapy that helps people rapidly overcome problems and reach their goals.

Is psychology for me?

If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to call the practice for a chat, or send us an email. Discover more about the process of beginning psychology sessions below.

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Difficulties treated

Difficulties we help with


Move towards hope & positive feelings.


Overcome worry, experience greater peace.

Relationship difficulties

Master challenging behaviours, express what matters.


Feel capable, act with purpose & vision.

Persistent pain & Health problems

Grow through adversity, regain proactive control.


Achieve freedom from rumination & compulsions.

Substance use

Re-establish goals & meaning.


Access a higher understanding.

The first step is the hardest

Reaching out to a psychologist can be intimidating. We get it. It's normal to feel that way. Rest assured that things are less scary than they appear. If and when you are ready, we will meet you with kindness, understanding and respect.

Meet The Team

Timothy Deitz

Clinical Psychologist
Master of Psychology (Clinical)
PostGraduate Diploma of Psychology
Graduate diploma of Psychology
Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communications)

The uNiversity of Melbourne

Robert Kaczan

Clinical Psychologist
Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Psychology (Clinical)
Bachelor of arts (Psychology)

The university of Melbourne | Victoria University

About Tim

“​​Tim is a Clinical Psychologist who works with people seeking greater peace, understanding and vitality in daily life. He adopts a warm and compassionate approach, which is well suited towards those experiencing stressful or traumatic life events, relationship difficulties, low mood, anxiety, OCD, persistent pain, and problems around confidence or identity.​

Tim has practiced widely across health and community settings, including St Vincent’s Hospital, The Royal Children’s Hospital, Epworth Rehabilitation and The University of Melbourne.​

He has a background in mindfulness meditation, and draws upon well-supported and effective therapeutic modalities; particularly Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. ”

About Rob

“Rob has completed a PhD in the area of mindfulness and well-being and is passionate about supporting adults and adolescents to lead more satisfying and meaningful lives.

He uses a range of evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and others, to understand a person’s problems and guide recovery and growth.

Rob treats a wide range of problems (see list below). In therapy, he aims to not only help people resolve their difficulties but also to foster qualities that contribute to greater vitality and resilience.”

Adversity provides a UNIQUE opportunity to cultivate psychological strength & new understanding.

"Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labour does the body." - Seneca,
Ancient Roman Philosopher

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